Re-enrollment Form for Returning Students
If your child is already enrolled in Heritage Baptist Church please use this form for re-enrollment. Please understand that  filling out this form does not guarantee your child’s readmission to Heritage Baptist Academy. All re-enrollment and new applicants will be accepted on a case by case basis. 
Application for Enrollment for New Students
Application process
1. Fill out application form.
2. Someone from our school will call you to schedule an interview.
3. Once your interview is complete and your application has been reviewed you will be informed of our decision.
4. Once your child is accepted a non refundable $150.00 registration payment is due.
Building Fee- $100.00 per family
Registration Fee- $150.00 per student
Curriculum Fee- $250.00 per student
Tuition is paid on a ten month pay scale beginning in August
One student- $3150.00 per year or $315.00 per month
Two students- $6050.00 per year or $605.00 per month
Three students- $8750.00 per year or $875.00 per month
A discount is given if tuition is paid in full by August 1st.